Yara Abou Fakher

Yara was born and raised in Damascus. At the age of six she began to learn the violin. After school, she began studying music at the music academy in Damascus, which she completed after five years with a bachelor’s degree in violin.

In 2015 she came to Dresden and has been pursuing her career as a musician ever since. She takes part in numerous live concerts with various renowned orchestras throughout Europe.

In addition to her artistic work, she works as a lecturer on many educational, political and social projects. / / /

Her academic study of classical music contributed much to her technical knowledge, but her immersion in oriental music had the greatest impact on the formation of her musical personality, as she became the first violinist of the former „Quarter Tone“ Orchestra. In 2019 she co-founded the string trio „Al-Andalus“ and the band „Coma“.

Instruments: violin (acoustic and electronic), synthesizer, vocals.

Genre: Classic, Folk, Oriental, Alternative, Electronic, Techno.

Skills: Live concerts, production, composition, improvisation, lyrics.

Tarek Al Hammad

Tarek was born in Syria. He began singing by ear when he was five and later played a variety of instruments. From 2010 to 2015 he was educated at the Music Academy in Damascus, where he completed his studies with a bachelor’s degree in music in the subject „Oriental Singing“. He then began his musical career as a solo and choir singer and worked in various ensembles until he came to Dresden in 2015.

He is not only artistically active, but also involved in many projects on a pedagogical level, such as choirmaster of the „Orpheus xxl“ project with the Catalan musician Jordi Savall, choirmaster of the „Orient Choir“ in Dresden and music teacher of the project „Come Together“ project of the Banda Comunale.

Through his self-taught study of music and many individual experiences, his musical personality was formed, which emerges in Coma, in which he presents oud and singing in a new, unknown way.

Instruments: vocals, oud (acoustic and electronic), synthesizer, percussion, drum machine.

Genre: classic, oriental, arabic, alternative and electronic music, techno, folk music.

Skills: Live concerts, production, composition, improvisation, mixing.

Stefan Mohrmann

Stefan was born and raised in Freiburg and discovered music early on. At the age of 6 he learned to play the viola, then the saxophone and finally the guitar.

He studied acoustic guitar at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music in Dresden and graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree. During his studies he co-founded the band „Korova“ and after his bachelor’s degree the electronic trio „Coma“. Among other things, he also works on several solo projects.

His experiences in different styles of music such as jazz, rock or classical, but also dealing with folklore such as flamenco or South American music have a great influence on his musical language and form a bridge to oriental music in Coma.

In addition to his bands, he also works as a music teacher.

Instruments: Guitar (acoustic and electronic), synthesizer/keys, saxophone, vocals, drum machine.

Genre: classic, electronic music, techno, hip-hop, alternative.

Skills: Live concerts, production, composition, improvisation, lyrics, mixing.