Coma is a Dresden and Berlin-based band, consisting of three musicians: Yara, Tarek, and Stefan.

The band started with an exchange of the members‘ different backgrounds, mixing Arabic and European elements in a special innovative form. Every track has its characteristic sound and thoughtful name that brings out the richness of the composed texture. From their own home studio, Coma creates a very individual style that consists of techno beats combined with oriental melodies, vivid themes, and atmospheric soundscapes. The energetic rhythms and heavy basslines combined with a modern approach to traditional oriental music are an enrichment to the listener.

Coma is a state of mind and a journey for the soul. All the tracks are composed, arranged, produced, and mixed by the band members. Holding the same values and ideas, the musicians share valuable moments of their lives and translate them into a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere. In addition to the collaborative work, each member has their own imprint. Yara’s violin and lyrical abilities, Tarek’s vocals and oud melodies, and Stefan’s guitar harmonies and basslines are the spirit of Coma.

After finishing their musical studies, Tarek and Yara left Syria due to the war and settled in Dresden in 2016 where they met Stefan. The spontaneous meeting with Stefan at a mutual friend’s party led to an exciting conversation for the whole evening and afterwards to a jam session together. The mutual musical vision and aspiration drove them to explore more about each other, exchange expertise, have fun, and form what is now Coma.